ULTIMATE BOWLS - Sat., Nov. 16 - 6:30 PM

October 28, 2019



PIBC is offering its members a chance to play Ultimate Bowls on Saturday, November 16 at 6.30pm.  Some of you may have heard of this format, some not, and some of you may have played it at Stanley Park this year.  Ultimate Bowls was put together in 2018 in Australia and New Zealand to promote the sport of lawn bowling and attract more people via more excitement.  There are links on YouTube.


The unique scoring system provides an opportunity for points to be awarded from every bowl delivered:

  • 3 for every toucher

  • 3 for the best lead bowl

  • 10 for closest to the jack, 5 for second closest, and 3 for the third closest after skip bowls.

With this scoring system the game can change dramatically, and quickly.  There is a greater chance of coming back from being down.  For our first attempt, we will draw teams of 3 or 2 (depending on numbers), and play 2 (or 3 depending on time) games of 5 ends. 


After each 5 end game we re-draw and so you get to play another 5 ends with different friends.  Each player will keep his/her team score from each game and there will be prizes.  Different scorecards will be provided and it is $5 per person to enter.  


It’s our first attempt, there will be plenty of help, and guaranteed tons of fun! 


Hope to see you there.


Sue Hall, Chris Chapman, Joe Hunt





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