Ultimate Bowls Event & Results

November 18, 2019

Ultimate Bowls was designed with an exciting format and innovative scoring system, so that every bowl has the potential to score points, keeping spectators on the edges of their seats! 


We only had 3 spectators on Saturday, but it looked lots of fun from where we were!


36 members played 3 games of 5-end 2 bowl triples …the best lead bowl got 3 points, every toucher got 3 points, and then at the end of the game, closest 10, 2nd closest 5, third closest 3.  The skips got to grips with the different scorecards, touchers abounded, and leads were very much part of the game, rather than seeing their best efforts come to nothing. Each player took their team’s score with them at the end of each game, and drew for a new team, so it was a good chance to play with lots of different members.


Thanks go to:

  • Chris Chapman for bringing Ultimate to Stanley Park, and thereby inspiring Saturday’s crew, for setting up the Ultimate video, and introducing the rules. 

  • Eric Leung for starting off the draw,

  • Rob Berridge for being an up-beat Ultimate MC the Aussies would have been proud of.

  • Vince Mai, Mary Ann Gillies, Chris Chapman, Rob Berridge, Joe Hunt and Stevie Santana for playing in a trial run on the previous Monday to iron out any wrinkles.

Most of all thank you to everyone who signed up, turned up, and enjoyed themselves.


The Results: 1st David Lewis (215pts);   2nd Sam Siu;  tied 3rd Neil Wilson and Graham Mason;  5th; Mary Ann Gillies;  6th;  Daniel Wai;  7th Amy Ng;  tied 8th; Kelly Robertson and Gilbert Chinn.  There was a special prize for the team with the highest scoring round 87 points!


Sue Hall – West Vancouver LBC

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