AGM Posponed/ Membership Adjustment

AGM Postponed

Due to the pandemic, the BC Government has allowed societies (such as PIBC) to postpone their AGM and are not requiring the use of virtual meetings to fulfill the AGM requirement.   

The board of PIBC has decided to postpone the AGM until early 2021.

Membership Adjustment

On our fees structure, our bylaws allow us the option of keeping it the same as last year or modify it a little to keep it line with past fees.

The fees previously were $180 for two leagues or $330 with four leagues, but the Board felt with the threat of COVID this structure was not fair due to the fact we cannot guarantee the club will be open throughout the season.

The change to $120 plus $20 per 5 games short league is actually the same as last year's full membership of $180.  (Depending on how many leagues they sign up for)  The new system will allow members to consider their health issues and play leagues when they feel safe to do so, without having to commit to league fees at time of membership.

Please be advised, that our expenses to operate the Club under the current situation remains the same, so we ask for continuous support from our members.

Board of Directors

As the Annual General Meeting has been postponed, the current PIBC Board of Directors has agreed to stay on in an “interim” basis, until elections can be held in the New Year.

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