Fall League Schedule and Protocols - UPDATE

Updated: Oct 13

PIBC will be restarting regular league play starting Monday, October 26. Due to the uncertainty in the near future, we will start off with leagues that are just 5 weeks long.

UPDATE Oct. 13: Clarification on League Fees and Prize Money.

Please note that for any leagues you register for, there will be a cost of $20 paid to the league convenor at the start of the session.

The top player(s) at the end of the 5 week session will be awarded prize money of $10 each. - One payout to the winning Singles player.  ($10) - Two payouts to the winning Pairs team.  (2 x $10 = $20)

Please note we have only 4 Rinks available (COVID-19 restrictions require each rink to be at least 2 meters apart from the adjacent rink) for a maximum of 4 players per rink. 

The allotted sessions are as follows:

League play: Maximum 8 teams per league, with a minimum of 6 teams. If all leagues are full, we will use the grey areas to convert to leagues. Leagues signup procedures: Phone in on Saturday, October 17, between 10am to 12pm, by calling PIBC at 604-874-2817 to sign up for all leagues. While on the phone, each member can only sign up for his/her team (both names must be supplied). 

After 12pm, registration will be through email to pibcleagues@gmail.com. A list of leagues and teams registered will be displayed on the PIBC website every morning.

For any inquiries, please send questions to the above email address. 

New rules for all the leagues:

  1. Players should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before their league start time. Practice on adjacent rinks is NOT allowed.

  2. Players are encouraged to use their own bowls. With locker room access limited to one person at a time, we recommend that members bring their bowls with them and not store them in the locker room.

  3. No make-up games allowed, if a member of a pairs team cannot play, one spare is allowed to play instead. If a singles player cannot play, he/she must forfeit the game to the opponent.

  4. Three Bowl Pairs will play 16 ends, Aussie Pairs will play 14 ends and Singles will play sets of 7-7-3. 

  5. Time limit: - 1 hour 50 minutes for all games. 

  6. Spares: - If a spare is needed, the team must notify the league convener at least one day before the game, otherwise the spare cannot enter the Club.   The convener must mark down the name of the spare on the game sheet on that specific day.

  7. To minimize contact, leads cannot throw the jacks. The jacks are to be kicked and placed by the winning team instead.

  8. Physical distancing must be observed at all times.

  9. When a measurement is required, players must use their own measures with no exceptions. While measuring, care should be taken not to touch the jack or bowls.

  10. Do not use the score boards; skips should keep their own scorecards.

  11. Do not shout to your teammates at the other end of the rink to avoid the risk of spreading droplets.

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