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Revised League Registration this Saturday, Sept 30th at 10:00am

Updated: 4 days ago

League registration is this Saturday, September 30th. Door opens at 9:30am, and attendees will be given a ticket for a random draw starting at 10:00am. In the first round, each member can sign up for no more than TWO day leagues. Members can also sign up for their team members, so not all members of a team need to be there (although it does increase your chances if they are also there). Evening league sign ups is unlimited (please note the new reduced pricing structure for evening leagues). Signups can also be done by phone or email. Emails should be sent to and will be accepted at 9:30am and not sooner. Phone requests should be done by calling 604-874-2817 after 9:30am. Do NOT leave a voicemail, keep trying until you speak to someone. Email and phone signups will be processed at approximately 10:30am before Round 2 begins.

NOTE CHANGE: Round 2 of the league registration will now follow Round 1 on Saturday after the email and phone registrations have been processed. A new random draw will be conducted for the remaining in-person attendees. Unlimited leagues sign ups are allowed in Round 2.

The change in the registration process was made following a recent Board meeting.

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