PIBC Resumes Operations Evening of January 20th

The Club will resume operations starting with:

1. Thursday evening, January 20th, the fall league concluding and

2. Friday, January 21st. Morning, inter-club and evening leagues will complete their fall games on this day.

3. The club will be open for practice on Saturday, January 22nd and Sunday, January 23rd providing we have monitors. Sunday winter league starts on January 30th.

4. Winter leagues will begin on Monday, January 24th at 10 AM

Revised Conditions of Play

PIBC has consulted with Bowls BC and viaSport for some guidance in reopening. We have been advised that some other sports have introduced more stringent requirements above and beyond the minimum required by Provincial Health Officer (PHO) and there is no legal barrier to PIBC enacting additional policies and procedures for the protection of their members.

Beginning Thursday, January 20th, masks will be worn at all times in the club both off and on the green including all the time playing until further notice.

You are also asked to keep a separation between you and other players. No hugging or shaking hands. Keeping 1 metre from each other should help protect everyone.

NOTE: The current health restrictions are in effect until January 18th and the PHO, depending on the number of cases over the next days may introduce further restrictions or relaxations (hopefully the latter). We will advise you if conditions alter our plans.


1. Cloth masks do not provide sufficient protection against the Covid Omicron virus, and we recommend medical grade or X95 masks.

2. A face shield is not a mask as they only provide spray protection and do not filter viruses from the air.

Please see the chart below regarding information on protective masks.


For those members who decide that wearing a mask at all times in the club is not something they can adhere to or feel the risk of possible infection is too high, we look forward to welcoming you back in the fall provided the mask mandate is no longer required.

If you are withdrawing from a winter league, please contact Eric Leung at pibcleagues@gmail.com to notify him.


According to the latest research (https://apple.news/AQAxBovnRQs2Ngk3OXKLtfw) two methods of staying safe from Covid-19 are:

1. using a high quality mask and

2. keeping your distance from other players.

Do not come to the Club if you are not feeling well or have the following symptoms:

1. runny nose,

2. sore throat,

3. body aches,

4. very tired,

5. headache,

6. sneezing.

Follow the guidance on the BC Centre for Disease Control website - If You Have COVID-19 (bccdc.ca)

Your safety is very important to us, and we believe the extra precautions will increase our safety level however we cannot guarantee that, in spite of the precautions, you won’t get infected.

It is your responsibility to ensure you take the steps necessary to protect your health and the health of your fellow members. If we all work together to keep us safe, we can continue to enjoy the sport we love.

Serge Pannu