Pacific Indoor Lawn Bowling Club
2019-2020 Management Board
President:  Serge Pannu
1st Vice President: Eric Leung
2nd Vice President: Vacant
Secretary: Robert Ascroft
Treasurer: Samuel Siu
Past President: Alice Duncalf


Volunteer Coordinator: Samuel Siu


Webmaster: Robert Ascroft
Directors:   David Lewis
                   Anita Wong
                   Diane Fulton
                   Joe Hunt
                   Chester Yeung
The Club
Founded on November 30, 1938

The Pacific Indoor Bowls Club is the club's official name and generally shortened to PIBC. Bowls is a shortened name for "lawn bowling". 


It began in 1938 in a depression-era facility, located on the corner of 19th Ave and Main St, and constructed for under $15,000 thanks to community support.

The club was popular right from the start. It was THE place to practice and play competitively all fall and winter. 

The original facility closed its doors in 2001 after 63 years as home to PIBC. The club’s devoted membership prepared for the construction of new accommodations – plans that took nearly 20 years to realize.

In September 2005, PIBC moved into it's present location, the Millennium Sport Facility. The new space is equipped with all the amenities expected of a world-class facility. It’s perfect for everyone, from a lawn bowling novice to the many club members who have represented Canada internationally. PIBC has fun leagues and events for less competitive players and competitive leagues for the die-hard bowlers.

The club is member-run; directed by an all volunteer executive board. PIBC is a member of Bowls BC, the provincial body of Bowls Canada Boulingren which, in turn, is a member of Scotland-based World Bowls organization.


Lawn bowling is played in over 55 countries worldwide - the sun never sets on lawn bowling because somewhere in the world, right now, people are playing.

It's a club with a rich history of producing champions; and the place for aspiring champions!