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The following are our guidelines regarding the use of the rinks to practice:

  • If you are playing singles and there is someone else trying to get on, please invite him/her to join you and play pairs instead.  Similarly, if you are playing pairs, make it a triples.

  • Please do not monopolize the rink for practice.  3 hours is more than enough to practice in a day.  Free up the rink for others.

  • If you find you cannot get on the rink to practice, please speak to the volunteer on duty who will arrange to slot you in.

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Phase 1 Guidelines


  1. Wear proper bowling shoes - with flat and smooth soles and no separation between heel and sole.

  2. Players MUST NOT wear their bowling shoes on the street.

  3. Clean your street shoes at the entrance.  All the dirt you bring in will eventually be transferred to the bowling surface.

  4. No eating or drinking on and beyond the 'black carpet liner'.

  5. Do not wash your bowling cloth in the kitchen sink - hygiene and food safety purpose.

  6. All bags must be placed under the seats - fire department safety requirements. If the bags/bowl-carriers are too big, leave them in the lunch room.

  7. Thick coats and wet clothing must be put on hangers beside Rink 6 or inside the locker room.

  8. Do not put personal belongings bon the locker room floor. All stuff found will be removed and then be disposed of after one week.

  9. Please don't leave empty coffee or water cups unattended as we don't have enough volunteers to clean up behind you.

  10. To lower the cost of running PIBC, most of the work/chores are done by volunteers ( we only hire a janitor to do some regular cleaning several times a week). Feel free to volunteer to help out. Please contact out Board members if you feel you can spare your precious time for the club.

  11. If you are the last person to leave the premises, please make sure that all lights are turned off, the alarm is set and the door is locked.

  12. Report immediately to a league convener or Board member if present, any leaks, safety or maintenance issues.

  13. Unsportsmanlike behaviour will not be tolerated and violations will be reviewed by the Club's Executive Committee and may result in the non-refundable cancellation of the violating person's Club membership.


  1. No running on the greens.

  2. Any kind of wax/Grippo is not allowed as they will ruin the carpet.

  3. Do not use liquid chalk on the bowls.

  4. No burnt ends - jack is repositioned on the 2-meter mark.

  5. Before you take a heavy shot (a firing or running shot), give proper notice to all bowlers at the other end so nobody will be hurt.

  6. Do not put wet towels on the carpet.

  7. Try not to shout or make excessive noice, as this will disturb other bowlers.

  8. Please keep the pace of the game at a reasonable speed. Try to let the game go smooth and enjoyable.

  9. A player can spare for another player in a league for 4 games only. A spare cannot skip except with the permission of the opposing skip.

  10. There may be times that a team cannot find a spare at the last minute.  Our Club officials or the game conveners are NOT responsible to find spares. Please contact your opposing skip directly to make arrangements.

  11. All make-up games must be played before the last scheduled game of the section, otherwise, the re-scheduling team has to forfeit the game.


  1. Both players must walk to the head together.

  2. During the course of every end, each team has only one chance to visit the head, no matter which position.


  1. The team with 2 players - lead plays 4 bowls, skip plays 3 bowls

  2. The team with 3 players - lead plays 2 bowls, second plays 2 bowls, skip, plays 3 bowls

  3. Scoring - the team with 2 players needs to deduct 25% off their actual score 


For the Club Bylaws please click on the link above.

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