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2023-2024 Membership Dues and Conditions

Updated SEPTEMBER 8, 2023



Returning and new members will need to pay their membership dues
prior to the first day of league play.

NEW: Evening leagues will be counted as .5 of a day league.
Members who don’t use all their league entitlements during the fall or winter
sessions, can use their remaining allotment in the spring League.

  • Premier - $378.00 - includes GST, play in 4 leagues and locker. $10 prize money extra per league. Extra leagues are $20 each.

  • Regular - $210.00 - includes GST, play in 2 leagues. Locker fee - $20. $10 prize money extra per league. Extra leagues are $80 up to two. Additional leagues past two are $20 each.

  • Junior Member - $104.50, includes GST, 2 leagues included. Locker fee - $20. $10 prize money extra per league. Extra leagues are $40.

  • Social Member - $94.50 - no playing or practice privileges.

Payment: Cheque, cash or E-Transfer – Although you will need to complete a paper membership form and submit it, this year you can pay your membership fee by Interact E-Transfer though your bank:

       Payee: Pacific Indoor Bowls Club. Email address:


NOTE: Additional league fees and prize money must be paid at the Club and not by e-transfer. 


Payment Timing:

  1. On Club registration day

  2. Before you have your first practice session, or

  3. Before league sign-up. 


This year we have separated the membership registration into two forms, one for personal information and one for membership fees.  There is no longer a requirement for the Covid waiver form. 

Membership Forms are available at the Club



 Membership Personal Information - 1 of 2     sent PDF of completed Form 1 to membership

Membership Category & Fees - 2 of 2    send PDF of completed Form 2 to


If you choose to mail in your application, please print off BOTH membership forms from the website and mail to 4588 Clancy Loranger Way, Vancouver, BC V5Y 4B6.


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