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2024 PIBC Mixed Pairs, April 6/7

Jim Duholke and Linda Ng Win 2024 PIBC Mixed Pairs

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20 teams entered the 2024 PIBC Mixed Pairs. After the first day of competition, 12 teams advanced to play on Sunday. The top 8 advanced to the Quarter Finals, and 4 teams played in the consolation rounds. The second day of knockout competition ended in a nail-biting finale that went to an extra end, with Jim Duholke and Linda Ng defeating Gavin Clifford and Kelly Robertson to win the 2024 PIBC Mixed Pairs.

Above L-R: Jim Duholke/ Linda Ng (First) and Gavin Clifford/Kelly Robertson (2nd)

Above LEFT: Gillian Poon and Eark Luk (3rd) RIGHT: Kelvin Lai and Rainbow Lung (4th)

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