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 at Pacific Indoor Bowls Club (PIBC), Vancouver, BC, Canada

Attention Vancouver & District Bowlers:


The organizers have reserved 12 Mixed Pairs spots for local V&D bowlers to compete in the Pacific Coast Open Bowls Tournament, (PCO) Oct 23-27.

Featuring the Bruce Matheson Open Singles and Mixed Pairs, the Pacific Coast Open has $15,000 in cash prizes to be won.


You must enter as a Mixed Pairs team. You cannot enter just for singles.


QUALIFYING EVENT Sunday, October 6th, 2024


To qualify for one of the 12 spots, V&D bowlers must play in the PCO qualifier to be held at PIBC Sunday, October 6th. Entry fee for the qualifier is $50 per team. The qualification format depends on the number of entries.


If you successfully qualify for one of the 12 spots, the $50 you paid to enter will be deducted from the entry fee to the PCO.

The Bruce Matheson Open Singles players will be determined from the 12 qualifying teams. Entry fee for the singles is an extra $100.

Are you ready to enter? Please click the button below to register as a V&D bowler.


For more information contact Jim Duholke, Tournament Chair

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