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Code of Conduct


The Pacific Indoor Bowls Club, through its affiliation with Bowls BC, is committed to viaSport’s British Columbia Universal Code of Conduct (BC UCC). We are committed to a sport environment that is accessible, inclusive, respects participants personal goals and is free from all forms of maltreatment including but not limited to:

    Psychological maltreatment, such as verbal abuse, demeaning, shaming, hazing, insulting or threatening behaviour.

    Physical maltreatment, such as contact or non-contact infliction of physical harm such as hitting or throwing objects.

    Sexual maltreatment, involving comments or conduct of a sexual nature that is unwelcome or objectively perceived as unwelcome by an outside observer such as, sexual jokes, gestures of a sexual nature, and unwanted touching.


Here is a link to the British Columbia Universal Code of Conduct (BC UCC).

If someone is experiencing maltreatment they should inform the offending person that the behaviour is unacceptable and to correct the behaviour.  If the maltreatment is deemed serious or repeated, the person experiencing, or any objective person observing, any of these forms of maltreatment can submit a written complaint on the form below.


Please submit the completed form in a sealed envelope to the Club Secretary.

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